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    The Administrative Professionals Conference of Canada will benefit you, your boss and your organization by:

    • Increasing productivity and effectiveness
    • Providing new and upgraded skills
    • Inspiring superior performance
    • Motivating you to set goals that achieve positive results
    • Teaching leadership and influence in the workplace
    • Heightening creative and analytical skills to generate better solutions and decisions
    • Increasing your ability to collaborate up, down and across the organization
    • Focusing on greater alignment with your bosses’ and organizational goals
    • Increasing confidence, recognition, and visibility
    • Improving job satisfaction and employee retention
    • Getting up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the workplace

    You will return to your job refreshed, motivated, energized, and feeling valued by your organization. You’ll return armed with:

    • The tools and techniques that today’s admin needs to achieve optimal productivity
    • New skills, best practices, and strategies that you will use right away and share with your colleagues
    • Fresh ideas and insights gained from peer-to-peer networking with high-level admins from across North America and around the world

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